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BORN: December 24, 1877 in Marytown, Wisconsin, at home on the Seurer farm. 04a 16 18 35
DIED: April 4, 1947 in Jacksonville, Florida, of a heart attack. 35
BURIED: New Holstein City Cemetery, New Holstein, Wisconsin. 35
PARENTS: Margaret Achter and Carl Seurer 04a 14 16 18 35
OCCUPATION: circus acrobat 35
RELIGION: Catholic
She was baptized at St. Charles Catholic Church in Charlesburg, Wisconsin in Dec. 1877. 18

Catherine FOERTSCH (Katie) Sep. 22, 1892 Feb. 23, 1929 Wilhelm Dins 9

MARRIAGE: 1) Calvin Herron 14 16 35
MARRIAGE: 2) Calvin Ferree ??? 14 16 35
RESIDENCES: New Holstein, Wisconsin in 1880 04a
Calumet County, Wisconsin
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Jacksonville, Florida

NOTES: Catherine's father was Balthasar Foertsch, her sister, Mary Ann's husband. "Balthasar sent Anna away to have her baby, but the Seurers were very upset and told Balthasar to bring Anna back, which he did." After Catherine was born, "Margaretha gave Anna $5 and told her to leave and not come back. Margaretha raised Catherine as her own." 35

"In Anna's obituary, it says she went to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and later moved to Detroit, Michigan, where she worked for a few years before going to Jacksonville, Florida. It is not known what kind of work she did. Her grandsons remember hearing of her joining a circus as an acrobat. She could stand on one foot and hold her other foot next to her ear. She was 5'6". pretty, slim, very limber, and very active. They remember one time she wrote to them and told them the drug stores were giving away cameras to anyone born in 1918. Each drug store had a certain number of cameras to give away. Alvin and Elmer went to the store and each got a free camera. They remember her as Grandma Herron. No one seems to know when she married. According to Margaretha Seurer's obituary in April 1927, Anna was listed as Mrs. Herron and lived in Jacksonville, Florida. She did come back to Wisconsin to visit her grandchildren. She died unexpectedly of a heart attack April 4, 1947, in Jacksonville, Florida and is buried in New Holstein City Cemetery, New Holstein, Wisconsin. In her obituary she is listed as Mrs. LaVerne Ann Herron Ferree. When she married Calvin Ferree is not known. Also, she is listed as Annie Fuller on The Estate of Margaretha Seurer, Deceased documents dated May 24, 1927." 35

NAME: "After checking the records and obituaries, I [Dorothy Kaler] am convinced Anna was married to Calvin Herron and not to Ferree. I think the names are too similar. Over the years, the names may have been misspelled or difficult to read until someone altered it to Ferree, not being sure which name to use." 35
- Dorothy Kaler
The quit deed of 1902 between Margaretha Seurer and Henry Seurer lists her name as Annie Fuller. The disposition of the estate of Margaretha Seurer in 1927 also lists her name as Annie Fuller. Margaretha's obituary of 1927 lists her as Anna Haren. 55 Her brother Henry's obituaries of 1943 list her as "Mrs. LaVerne Ann Harron of Jackson, Fla" and "Mrs. La Verne Ann Herron of Jacksonville, Fla." 58 Her brother John's obituary of 1946 lists her as "Mrs. Laverne Herron of Jacksonville, Fla." 55 Her own obituary of 1947 lists her name as LaVerne Ann Herron Ferree. 39

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