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Created: February 1997

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BORN: January 6, 1867 in New Holstein, Wisconsin at home on the Seurer farm. 05a 04a 03a 17 18 15 16 35 58
DIED: October 27, 1943 in New Holstein, Wisconsin 17 15 16 35 58
BURIED: St. Charles Cemetery, Charlesburg, Wisconsin 17 15 35 58
PARENTS: Margaret Achter and Carl Seurer 05a 04a 03a 18 14 16 35 58
OCCUPATION: Dairy farmer. 35
RELIGION: Catholic
He was confirmed Oct. 23, 1879 in St. Charles Catholic Church, Charlesburg, Wisconsin
Their children were baptized at St. Charles Catholic Church, Charlesburg, Wisconsin 17 18 58
MARRIAGE: Theresa Klotz (Sep. 9, 1876-Aug. 29, 1948) on May 23, 1899 at St. Charles Catholic Church, Charlesburg, Wisconsin. She is the daughter of Anna Leitner and John Klotz of Woodville, Wisconsin 05a 14 15 16 17 18 35 58

John Henry SEURER Mar. 23, 1900 Mar. 23, 1900 Buried in St. Charles Cemetery, Charlesburg, Wi
Erwin John SEURER Aug. or Sep. 27, 1905 June 11, 1993 Rosalia Schmitz 3

RESIDENCES: He lived on the Seurer farm south of Charlesburg, Wisconsin. 05a 04a 03a 35 58
NOTES: Margaret Achter Seurer (his mother) lived with them. 05a 35
"Henry met his future wife, Theresa Klotz, in Charlesburg, Wisconsin, where Theresa was staying with her Aunt Theresa Hoffman. "
"Henry helped with the construction of the St. Charles Catholic Church in Charlesburg, Wisconsin.
" At the age of 44, Henry lost the sight of his right eye. He was repairing the metal bands on a wooden barrel, a piece of the rusty band flew into his eye. His delaying in going to the doctor caused an infection, the doctor had to remove his eye and put in a glass eye. Grandaughter Rita (Seurer) Greuel, remembers Henry taking his glass eye out and showing it to her.
"Henry had a good team of horses, 'King and Queen', he said that if Queen did not walk right or did some other thing wrong, King would step on her feet or nip her. They had sexual harassment in those days too, even with animals!
"Henry's first car was a 1917 Model T touring car. His son, Erwin's first car was a 1936 Model A. They shared cars.
"Erwin remebers his uncle, John Seurer, helped build their log home." 35
"On May 13, 1902, a bond was set up between Henry and Theresa (Klotz) Seurer and Margaretha Seurer valued at $1,000.00. A payment of $50.00 to be paid annually to Margaretha Seurer. Also, Henry and Theresa were responsible for Margaretha's comfort (food, clothing, heat in winter, two rooms available to her in the house, funeral expenses and $50.oo fo Masses at the time of Margaretha's death). Also in this bond was that Henry and Theresa Seurer care for one minor child (Catherine Foertsch) until she was 21 years of age. Also, to give Catherine $400.00 at age 21. If Catherine died before age 21, the money was to be given to her mother, Annie Fuller (nee Seurer).
"Quit claim deeds were filed in May 1902. These deeds were between Henry and Theresa Seurer and Henry's brothers and sisters. Henry and Theresa Seurer paid $400.00 to joseph and Lena Seurer, $400.00 to Carl and Anna Seurer, $400.00 to Mary and Balthasar Foertsch, $400.00 to John and Anna seurer, Katie Rieden, $400.00 to Annie Fuller (nee Seurer). In March 1917, Catherine Foertsch Dins received $400.00 from Henry and Theresa Seurer. (We really do not know why John and Anna Seurer and Katie Rieden had to share $400.00 or was it just written incorrectly?)." 35
"In March of 1942, the farm was turned over to Erwin and Rosalia (Schmitz) Seurer with a bond of $5,000.00 with the same stipulations that were between Margaretha Seurer and Henry and Theresa Seurer. Erwin and Rosalia were to be responsible for Henry and Theresa's comfort (clothing, food, shelter, funeral expenses, etc.)." 35

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