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BORN: April 23, 1785 in Nurburg, Rheinland, Germany. 35 36 70
DIED: March 9, 1826 in Nurburg, Rheinland, Germany. 35 36 70
PARENTS: Anna Maria Tempels and Peter Seurer 35 36 70
OCCUPATION: farmer 35
RELIGION: Catholic.
His godparents were Johan Josef Tempel of Gomboldesheim and Anna Catharina Seurers of Drees. 70
MARRIAGE: Anna Maria Hoffman (July 14, 1783 Drees-Jan. 22, 1828 Nurburg) on June 30, 1807 in Nurburg. 35 36 70 71

Eva Catharine SEURER Dec. 25, 1809 Nurburg, Germany May 29, 1819 Nurburg, Germany Godparents: Carl Seurer, single, of Nurburg and Eva Catharina Frett, single, of Drees. 70
Anna Gertrude SEURER Sep. 10, 1813 Nurburg, Germany Johann Nicolas Wollersheim on July 16, 1833 StA Kelberg unknown Godparents: Anton Frett, of Drees and Anna Gertrud Pauli, of Quiddelbach. 70
Michael SEURER Jan. 17, 1815 Nurburg, Germany Jan. 17, 1815 Nurburg, Germany
Michael SEURER Apr. 20, 1816 Nurburg, Germany Dec. 3, 1884 Fond Du Lac Co., WI Maria Anna Casper in 1842 9 Godparents: Michael Pauli, of Quiddelbach and Maria Catharina Feet, of Drees. 70
Maria Anna SEURER 70 Sep. 9, 1819 Nurburg, Germany 70 Dec. 3, 1841 Nurburg, Germany 70 Godparents: Anna Maria Seurers of Nurburg and Mathias Heimermann of Drees. 70
Anna Maria SEURER Nov. 21 or 26, 1821 Nurburg, Germany Aug. 12, 1900 Marytown, Fond du Lac Co., WI Philipp Kraemer on Feb. 16, 1843 10 Godparents: Carl Seurer of Nurburg and Anna Maria Koll of Nurburg. 70
Came to US in 1846.
Peter SEURER 70 Dec. 28, 1824 Nurburg, Germany 70 Jan. 31, 1825 Nurburg, Germany 70 Godparents: Anna Gertrud Justen of Nurburg and Peter Merten of Nurburg. 70
*Carl (Charles) SEURER Oct. 5, 1826 Nurburg, Germany 70 Jan. 26, 1878 New Holstein, Calumet Co., WI Margaretha Achter on Feb. 16, 1859 8 Godparents: Karl Pauli of Quiddelbach and Anna Gertrud Josten of Nurburg. 70

RESIDENCES: Nurburg, Rheinland, Germany in 1785, 1815, 1826 35 36 70

Johann Joseph was 21 when he married Anna Maria Hoffman in 1807. Two and a half years later, their first child, Eva, was born. Almost 4 years later, their second child, Anna Gertrud, was born. A year and a half later their third child, Michael, was born and died. A little more than a year later, they had another son, again named Michael.

Then in May of 1819, the first born Eva died. She was only nine. A little over three months later, Maria Anna was born. Two years later, Anna Maria was born.

Three years later, Peter was born and died in about a month. A year later, in March of 1826, Johann Joseph died. He was only 40 years old. Anna Gertrude was 13, Michael was 10, Maria was 7, and Anna Maria was 4. Anna Maria, his wife, probably didn't know at the time that she was two months pregnant with Carl. The next year or so must have been very hard for Anna Maria and her children!

Then on January 22, 1828, Anna Maria herself died. She left behind Anna Gertrude, age 14, Michael, 11, Maria, 9, Anna Maria, age 5, and Carl, 15 months. Did they have someone to care for them? An aunt or uncle or godparents? Or did Anna Gertrude become the head of the family at only 14?

Anna Gertrud married in 1833 at 19 years of age. In 1841 Maria died at the age of 21. In 1843 Anna Maria married. A year later, Anna Maria had a son, Reuben, who died in a year. Then in 1847, she had a daughter. Probably about that time Michael was married.

They must have been close because at least the three younger children emigrated to the United States together and settled very close to each other. If they all migrated together in 1852, Michael and his wife had two children younger than three years old, Anna Maria had three children younger than five, and Carl was unmarried at 26.

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