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BORN: April 20, 1816 in Nurburg, Rheinland, Germany (Prussia) between Coblenz and Trier. 02 03b 04b 16 19 35 36 70
DIED: December 3, 1884 in Mt. Calvary, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin. 08c 35 36
BURIED: Holy Cross Cemetery, Mt. Calvary, Wisconsin. 35
PARENTS: Anna Maria Hoffman and Johann Joseph Seurer 35 36 70
OCCUPATION: farmer 03b 04b 08c
RELIGION: probably Catholic 19
Godparents: Michael Pauli, of Quiddelbach and Maria Catharina Feet, of Drees. 70
MARRIAGE: Maria Anna Casper (June 15, 1819-Apr. 15, 1896), probably in 1842 in Germany. 02 03b 04b 20 16 08c 35 36 70

Nicolaus SEURER 70 Sep. 25, 1843 Nurburg, Germany 70 Aug. 26, 1849 Nurburg, Germany 70 Godparents: Nicolaus Wollersheim, of Nurburg and Anna Catharina Thelens, widow of Paul Caspers, of Leimbach. 70
Anna Maria SEURER 70 Apr. 9, 1845 Nurburg, Germany 70 Aug. 3, 1846 Nurburg, Germany 70 Godparents: Peter Kasper, of Nurburg and Anna Maria Seurer. 70
Anna Maria SEURER 70 Mar. 14, 1847 Nurburg, Germany 70 Sep. 4, 1849 Nurburg, Germany 70 Godparents: (no entry), of Quiddelbach and Anna Maria Casper, of Leimbach. 70
Carl SEURER 70 Apr. 9, 1849 Nurburg, Germany 70 Sep. 18, 1919 Mt Calvary, WI Susan Rohlmann
Maria Anna Thelan
Godparents: Carl Seurer, of Nurburg and Apollonia Casper, of Niederadenau. 70
Anna Maria SEURER 70 Apr. 7 or 8, 1851 Nurburg, Germany 70 Nov. 5, 1904 Fond du Lac Co., WI John Koenigs 10 Godparents: Johann Mathias Müller, single, teacher, of Nurburg and Anna Maria Zimmer, of Nurburg. 70
Nicholas SEURER Mar. 5, 1853 Marytown, WI Feb. 7, 1934 Fond du Lac, WI Susanna Mohr 6
Phillip SEURER June 24, 1855 Marytown, WI Oct. 8, 1930 Fond du Lac, WI Mary Ann Koenigs
Antoinette Zwick
Gertrude SEURER Mar. 3, 1857 Marytown, WI Jan. 9, 1944 Fond du Lac, WI Mathias Koenigs 9
Paul SEURER Nov. 25, 1858 Marytown, WI Mar. 17, 1923 Mt. Calvary, WI Margaret Rieden 7

  • Nurburg, Rheinland, Germany until 1852. 02 03b 08c 35 70
  • Arrived in the port of New York, June 1852. 08c 15 35
  • Marytown, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin until 1866. 02 25
(Ron Friedel - 4/97) I found an 1862 Wall Plat Map for Fond du Lac, Co, and there was a M. Seuser listed as owning 40 acres in the NE 1/4, of the NW 1/4, of Section 23, Calumet Township, Fond du Lac Co. This is a little over a mile north of Marytown. 36
  • Forest, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin. 03b 04b 08c 35 25
(Ron Friedel - 4/97) In 1874, Michael Seurer owned 80 acres in Section 4 of Forest Township. Later, another 80 adjoining acres were purchased and then Michael's sons Nicholas and Philip each farmed on their 80 acres. An old, brick home still stands on the corner of Log Tavern and Pit Roads. This is Michael's homesite. It may have been his home, or may have been built later by Philip. The J. Reiden home also still stands, about 1/4 east of here. Nicholas Seurer's house, which was between these two houses, no longer exists. 36
NOTES: He came to the United States in June 1852, to New York, with his wife and two eldest children. 15 35 He settled in Forest, Fond du Lac County by 1860 - probably sooner (early 1853). His brother is Carl Seurer who came to the United States about the same time.

"[Michael Seurer] purchased land in that county and in the midst of the dense wilderness began the developement of a farm. He was then in limited circumstances, but possessing that zeal characteristic of the race, he labored steadily undaunted by the trials and hardships of pioneer life. After a few short years where was once wild land the eye gazed upon fields of waving grain, which indicated the diligence and toil which marked the life of Mr. Seurer. His many years' residence in this county and his irreproachable life have won him many friends, and he is numbered among the honored pioneers of the community. He and his estimable wife are still living and are now enjoying the competence aquired in former years." 08b

"Michael and Mary Ann Seurer, both of whom were natives of Germany. In 1852 they left the Fatherland to try their fortune in the New World, and settled in Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, in the midst of a dense forest. Though many were the trials and hardships to be encountered, they had the determination to make for themselves and family a home in this country, and with that end in view resolutely set to work. As success attends those who labor diligently, they soon recieved their reward in bounteous harvests, which yielded a golden tribute to their care and labor. The year 1866 witnessed the arrival of the family in Fond du Lac County. Our subject was then but eleven years of age. They located on section 4, Forest Township, reaching that place on the 3rd of April. Mr. Seurer purchased sixty acres of land, and there made his home until his death, which occurred in 1884. He had extended the boundaries of his farm until it then comprised ninety-five acres, all of which was under a high state of cultivation, and was in great contrast to the uncultivated tract upon which he had settled more than twenty two years before. His first home was a little log cabin, but ere his death it was replaced by a fine brick dwelling, one of the best homes in the community." 08c

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