February 1996

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BORN: February 14, 1891 in Rhinelander, Wisconsin 1 2 B C D
DIED: January 26, 1960 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin of a stroke. B C D
BURIED: Lakeview Memorial Park, next to her husband. B
PARENTS: Josephine Gilboe and William Glidden 1 2 4 8 9 A D
RELIGION: Catholic 4
Baptised May 22, 1891 at Imaculate Conception Church in Rhinelander, Wisconsin 2
Member of Catholic Women and Aquinas Club of St. Peter's Catholic Church B
MARRIAGE: John Peter Hansan (1883-1956 B) on June 15, 1909 at St. Peter's Catholic Church in Oshkosh, Wisconsin 4 8 9 A B C D H

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Robert James HANSAN June 9, 1913 Oct. 28, 1963 Lucy Jakubiac 4
Jane Lucille HANSAN June 15, 1916 July 21, 1992 John March 6
Marian Josephine HANSAN Jan. 8, 1920 Apr. 4, 1981 Arthur Reschlein 2
John William HANSAN Dec. 26, 1924 Oct. 5, 1963 Dorothy Kargus 3
Thomas Donald HANSAN July 5, 1927 Apr. 11, 1973 1) Delores Gibson
2) Shirley Ottowitz
Carol Ann HANSAN Jan. 3, 1933 Nov. 26, 1998 Edgar Seurer 5

RESIDENCES: Rhinelander, Wisconsin 2
Oshkosh, Wisconsin pre 1909-1960 4 8 9 0 A G B
Oshkosh, Wisconsin 497 Jefferson Ave. in 1909 4
Oshkosh, Wisconsin 505 Jefferson Ave. in 1916 I
Oshkosh, Wisconsin 316 Forest Avenue in 1933, 1946, 1956 E H J
Oshkosh, Wisconsin 64 Central Street in 1960 B

NOTES: She had blue eyes and brown hair, the same color as her daughter Carol's.
Cora was made her niece, Dorna Glidden's legal guardian on Feb. 13, 1939. 0 When John and Cora were discussing taking Dorna in, Cora was concerned that if Dorna and Marian both needed something - coats for example - at the same time, what would they do? (John and Cora were very poor although it was not obvious.) John was confident that God would provide what was necessary and so He did. The problem never came up. Carol remembers thinking of Dorna as another sister. Dorna and Marian were very close.
John and Cora were very poor. They took care of what they had, keeping everything clean and neat and enjoying simple pleasures. Evenings would often be spent playing card games, talking on the front porch, and eating popcorn and drinking the best homemade lemonade.
Cora knew how to do the "pegleg dance" which she had learned when she was young. It was a hard dance to do - one leg had to be kept stiff as the dancer hopped on it while doing complicated moves with the other leg.

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